"Need a LGBT friendly lawyer? Or just like knowing you're supporting one? We came here on a gamble, without a personal recommendation. When we first went it was to get our legal stuff in order, as a gay couple.

I was sick, disabled, & facing major surgery, & we wanted to do the responsible thing. Needless to say it was a tough time. The entire staff was incredibly sensitive, friendly, helpful, empathetic, professional... I could go on & on.

We spent a lot of time there, because we were careful to do everything that might be needed in case of an emergency - powers of attorney, living wills, trusts, wills... the whole bit. We also consulted with them for a couple of hours on a personal matter.

All this stuff together cost us less than a thousand.They answered our questions thoroughly. They replied to emails & calls quickly. They were personable. They explained things in plain English. They went above & beyond to bring up things we had no clue about. Want to avoid snakes? This is your place."

Chase C.

"Two years ago I was sued over an automobile that was repossessed from my former wife. Kitchens New lawyers reviewed the case and quickly determined that the suit was without merit. They informed opposing counsel of the problems with the suit but the opposing counsel would not listen and actually tripled the amount of the suit.

The matter went to court and it was a pleasure to watch Jeff Cleghorn, a Kitchens New partner, absolutely demolish the opposing counsel. Every argument they brought up by citing irrelevant cases, he countered by citing the correct precedent cases and even provided copies of the cases for the judge and the opposing council. The case was dismissed and my credit report will be cleared shortly.

Throughout the process their quick response to my questions (so that a layman could understand) and incredible attention to detail showed that they cared about my situation. They turned down several of my suggestions that would certainly have netted them a higher fee but which would not have advanced the case in the correct direction. Am I pleased with Kitchens New - absolutely. Do I recommend them - without hesitation."


"Randy, Jeff and Alex were an awesome support to me while going through my divorce. They conducted themselves in a very professional manner, had a great knowledge of the legal system and more importantly were compassionate to my feelings. I would recommend this group to anyone needing a law firm that will reinforce you from the beginning to the end of your proceedings."

Michael W.

"A cheaper lawyer took my $2500 retainer and did almost nothing, including forgetting about my preliminary hearing until I called him the day before to ask him if we were supposed to be preparing for it (then he scrambled). All of the important things that should have been done up front cost me my home, custody of my children and gave my ex time to hide assets. I heard about Jeff's great reputation so I hired him.

He took my horrible mess of a case and helped bring it to the best-case conclusion. He was kind, caring, took the time to explain things, didn't waste time or pad his bills and was genuinely concerned about the outcome. I have recommended him to many people and believe his law firm is among the best in the nation. Jeff is professional, caring and brilliant and although I hope to never need him again, he will be the first person that I call if I do."

Michael W.

"Jeff Cleghorn is one in a million. He and his associates are smart and thorough and always remain calm and composed. They are quick to respond and explain the most complex details in a way that the average person can understand."

Stephanie G.
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  • Lauded for aggressive client advocacy and intelligent legal approaches
  • Appeared as Legal Analyst on CNN, C-SPAN , FOX News’ The O’Reilly Factor, and MSNBC’s “Buchanan and Press”, and CNNfn.