5 Common Divorce Mistakes

Common Divorce Mistakes

When you’re facing the end of your marriage, the decisions you make – and the decisions the court makes in your final judgment – will probably have a long-lasting impact on your life, and on your children’s lives, if applicable.

As divorce attorneys, we often see situations where people make mistakes that could end up costing them in the long run, in more ways than one. Fortunately, most mistakes are avoidable as long as they are recognized and addressed early on.

Here are the top five mistakes people tend to make during divorce:

1. Not Considering Your Financial Future

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Among common divorce mistakes is not paying enough attention to your assets.

In some divorces, one spouse will give in too easily to the other spouse’s demands, even if they’re not equitable in the scheme of things. In other cases, one spouse will decide not to pursue their rights when it comes to division of assets and liabilities, alimony or child support payments.

When you are facing the tough financial decisions that come with a divorce, you need to consider both your short-term and your long-term financial needs. Your attorney can help guide you through possible scenarios, and can help you advocate for what you deserve, so you can face a brighter financial future.

2. Letting Emotions Control Your Decisions

There are always reasons behind getting divorced; many of those reasons are emotionally-charged. You may be hurt, frightened about the future, sad, or feeling vindictive. While it’s OK (and normal) to experience these emotions, don’t make the mistake of letting them control your actions during the divorce

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While you may feel justified in acting hostilely toward your spouse, doing so can raise both the cost and the duration of your divorce. The best course of action is to be civil and reasonable, and to listen to your attorney. As a third part, he or she is in a position to take an objective look at the big picture, and can help you see past your feelings.

3. Refusing to Make Compromises

Some divorces can be so bitter and contentious that neither spouse will budge, or agree to any of the important matters like the division of assets and liabilities, child custody, child support and alimony payments.

When such matters are contested, the cost of the divorce – both in terms of money and the emotional toll – can go up exponentially. If you cannot agree to what your former spouse is asking for, offering a compromise that you can both live with, or agreeing to a spouse’s compromise, can mean your divorce will be settled faster and with less expense.

Of course, not every suggested compromise or settlement is in your best interest. Your attorney can help you evaluate your options and provide advice and recommendations about how to proceed.

4. Not Focusing on Your Children’s Needs

Atlanta Divorce Attorneys | Kitchens New Cleghorn | Common divorce mistakesIf you and your spouse have children together, it is important to remember that your divorce is not only about the two of you – it will affect your children too.

Decisions about who will have primary custody of your children, and child support determinations need to be made with your children’s best interest in mind. Similarly, decisions about what will happen to the family home may also have an impact on the kids.

Your divorce attorney can help fight not only for what is in your best interests, but also for what is in your children’s best interests.

5. Not Understanding Your Rights or Options

Atlanta Divorce Attorneys | Kitchens New Cleghorn | Common divorce mistakesIt is not uncommon for couples who are ending their marriage to just assume their divorce will have to be long and drawn-out through the court system. If you and your spouse are able to agree on the major decisions like how assets will be divided, who will have custody of the kids, and how child support and/or alimony will be handled, your divorce may be uncontested, which can be significantly easier and less expensive.

However, it is also important to understand that you do have rights under GA law. Don’t be afraid to pursue alimony or child support, or to push for  property division you feel is equitable given the circumstances.

When you work with an experienced divorce attorney, he or she can help protect your interests and pursue your rights.

To Avoid These Mistakes, Choose Skilled Representation. Choose Kitchens New Cleghorn, LLC.

The reality for most people going through a divorce is that they just want to finalize things as quickly as possible, and as inexpensively as possible, so they can start living the rest of their lives. However, if you make these common mistakes, you may regret them later – when it’s too late to change the judgment.

You aren’t an expert at divorce, so it’s understandable that you might make mistakes along the way. That’s where having a skilled Atlanta divorce attorney representing you can be invaluable. Choose an attorney who understands Georgia divorce laws, and has experience applying those laws in cases similar to yours. The potential stakes in your divorce are high; you need an experienced advocate who can fight for your rights.

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